Republic of Georgia

Business Planning for Public TV's 'Farmer's Day' Program

Photos from my USAID Farmer-to-Farmer project in the Republic of Georgia, 2010.   I worked with management of the national public television station to create a business plan for an agricultural TV show titled "Farmer's Day".  Great food and culture!



Weekend off in Batumi with Bruce Williams

Batumi Port.

Leaning west (instead of north)

At the Tbilisi chess club.

Turkish border.

Black Sea rocks

Shopkeeper in Tbilisi.

Artistic bridge

One of the excellent dishes.

With Farmer-to-Farmer staff and fellow agricultural consultants.

Backgammon while waiting for a fare.

Laying a road.



TV Station staff at work.

Bumper sticker

Cart selling fermented bread beer.


Chess in the park.

Fountain fun

Drinking from the fountain.


One of the many outdoor markets.

Train station.

Rug shop.

Wall art.

Wall art.

Old Church


Old Church

The Golden Fleece.

Art market

Art for sale

Art for sale

World War Two memorial

Dinner with interpreter's relatives

Beekeepers' supply shop



Swords for sale

Prayer bush

Cross-country highway

Refugee housing

The Stalin Museum.  Stalin was Georgian.

Stalin museum.


Paint color


Dried fruit and nuts

Restaurant door

Soviet statue in the middle of field, in the middle of nowhere.

Gypsy crossing the street.

TV manager

Meal with interpreter's family.

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