Haiti Photos

Haiti has an interesting history as one of the first independent country in the western hemisphere, and governed by former slaves.  The photos on this page are from my Haitian beekeeping USAID project in 2008, and capture a few elements of the land and people.

Haiti is a beautiful tropical island country.

A street scene in the town of Cap Haitian, on the north coast.

Some buses display art on their buses, similar to the Philippines.  


I'll never complain about U.S. roads again.  This is the main road between the capital, Port au Prince, and the south coast.

Where man meets water.

Fishing boats at low tide.

The government is weak, so United Nations forces work to prevent political and criminal violence.

The Doctors Without Borders office in Port au Prince, advising that no guns are allowed inside.

Overpopulation, poor soil, and poor resource management has caused almost all the forests in Haiti to be destroyed.

An old fort built to protect the independent government from French and other attacks.

Remains of the hilltop fort.

View from the fort.

Cannons ready.

Another bus.

And another.

The presidential palace, destroyed later that year in a tragic earthquake.

Ready for a hill climb.

Relaxing on the south coast.

My project took me from the south coast to the north coast.

Friends of Benitos near Cap Haitian.

Most people in Haiti are very poor.  Desperately poor. When I was eating in restaurants, it was common to have beggars asking for scraps from my plate.  When I left the radio station after my interview, people were waiting to beg me for food because they heard an NGO guy on the radio.  I wish I could do more there.

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