Azerbaijan Beekeeping (and Beautiful Stonework!)

Photos from my USAID Farmer-to-Farmer project in Azerbaijan, 2008.   Photos of beautiful stonework is included - the best I've every seen!

Inspecting a new hive for a laying queen.

A four compartment queen mating nucleus colony.

Inside the mating nuc.

A full load.

Sharing a U.S. video on queen-rearing at a beekeeping association meeting.

A syrup feeder made from a plastic water bottle.

Tea is the most popular drink in Azerbaijan - even on hot days.

Comb honey frames.  Each frame is started with a narrow strip of wax foundation on the top bar.

A water buffalo cooling off.

Discussing methods of strengthening bee colonies in the spring.

Joy ride in a side car.

Lunching with fishermen.

A typical mobile apiary.

Near the Georgian border.


A seasonal apiary in a drying lake bed.

A typical hive, with tea of course.

The village.

Arch entrance to Seki town.

Detail of the arch entrance.

Stone house.

Building a stone wall.

Stone wall construction.

Sprayed concrete.

Sprayed and branded design.

Stone public building.

Detail of stone building.

Stone wall.

Another stone wall.

Farewell visit with hosts.


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